You only live once – so eat out of your comfort zone – Anthony Bordain

To get onto our new assignment, we visited Naraina vihar and tried to spot something that could be interesting for us to work upon, and as food- lovers, we all decided to work on some food outlet. Working on any running food chain would be cliché and monotonous, so we decided to work on the Mattar Kulcha wala, located in the pvr complex, Naraina vihar as he served some good varieties of Mattar Kulchas, and the kind of lifestyle he had, would be different from that we have, and thus would be very interesting. We started by eating mattar kulchas and found out that it was ambrosial and pretty reasonable. Therefore, we decided to commit to this Mattar Kulcha stall.

We noticed that there were a lot of regular customers; Post work one feels ravenous, hence people working around the place fancy this snack. It also serves as a refreshment for students, labour class and people who frequently visit pvr complex, as it is reasonably priced (i.e. INR 30-40). We further investigated that, the vendor uses ‘Amul’ butter, hence good quality, the lack of hygiene, however remains an issue though, which is common, when street foods are judged. We are further working on the problems and public response of this small scale business.


3 thoughts on “Foodlove.

  1. Dear Devika,

    Well taken picture. I am not quite sure of the title though. It does not really speak to the text of this post.
    Also I think it is important that we pay attention to detail.
    1. Please run a spell check prior to posting. Anthony Bourdain and not Bordain.
    2. When something is ambrosial (nectar-like/divine in quality), I am afraid the expression ‘pretty reasonable’ does little justice to its value.
    3. How did you arrive at the conclusion that there is a hygiene problem? Please provide evidence of the same in the text/photograph in this post.
    4. Please caption the photograph,



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