My Experience in the First Week of Module 5

In this module we were asked to explore a commercial place in a market. There was a lot of confusion in choosing a market which was had to be small as well as safe. First we had chosen Lajpat Nagar as our market but the idea was dropped as it was a big market. Finally, we chose Naraina market nearby our college. There were a lot of commercial setups which could be explored, we chose a printing press. The idea was loved by the faculty but there were a lot of problems that we faced. The owner was unwilling to share his cash flow and income, which could have been a problem for our group. We had to drop the idea as the other group started working on the same printing press. We finally chose a Chole Kulche wala in the parking lot as our topic for this module. The owner was extremely hesitant to give interviews and tell about his income. He thought that we were from a news channel. We spent a lot of time on his shop asking questions from him and talking to his customers. As we were asked to compare different people selling chole kucha around the area, we came to know that they were all relatives. We compared the taste, service, price and even the spoons and plates used. I think choosing the chole kulche wala was a delightful idea for our group. We were able to extract comprehensive and extensive information from the chosen micro system.


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