The Problem I would love to solve is shelter!

As soon as our group arrived at the choley kulchey stall It was pretty sunny and I ran for shade. While sitting there under the shade of a tree i thought to myself, I wouldn’t enjoy Choley kulchey sweating and burning right under the sun. Delhi is known for its extreme climates !From shivering winters to sweaty summers ,and yes how can i forget the heavy rain showers which continues for days .Later on while we were interviewing customers they mentioned the exact same thing which was bothering me the entire week! The customers complained that on a rainy day they would never ever come to Veeru Bhaiya for his choley kulches as they would get drenched in rain! And of course not on a burning sunny day either!!Sitting by the shade as i sketched Veeru Bhaiya there he was sweating all over the place extremely exhausted!

I asked my self why? why does he have a tiny umbrella for his entire stall which doesn’t even provide him enough shade , why doesn’t he take an effort to at least tie a shed across his stall to keep himself as well as his customers cool and protect the food from the rain !Well the answer to all these questions is that he cannot afford it. But that’s no excuse! The truth is, he’s just ignorant! He Doesn’t want to take an effort to make his customers feel comfortable .He is satisfied with the sale he is earning at the moment.


 But I personally feel there are many people out there including me who haven’t eaten Choley kulcheys because of the  reasons mentioned above. Choley kulchey is a part of Delhi’s traditional cuisine and more and more people not the locals alone should be encouraged to experience a taste of it!  So I have decided to eliminate the climatic barrier by designing a portable shade for the choley kulchey stall! Whether its raining or snowing or even burning hot outside, the shade would protect the food, Veeru Bhaiya as well as his customers without causing any disturbance to the parking lot, the food stall nearby or the road near which the stall is located!


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