Mattar Kulchas – Why Not?

It has been seen, that some people do not really like to eat the spicy, scrumptious treat offered by this mattar kulcha wala. We tried to study each and every case and figure out, why wouldn’t people eat something that we thought was delicious. We talked to people who regularly crossed the mattar kulcha wala but decided to not eat it, first. A few of them had had them, but preferred other street food for reasons like – hygiene, the food being too spicy, no place to sit, uncomfortable paper plates, distrust on the quality used, other preferences over mattar kulchas and some were simply bored of it. Post-surveys, we found out that everyone who wouldn’t eat them, enlisted the same reasons. Also a few people suggested that it wasn’t very reasonable and they could buy something more hygienic and tastier from the mc Donalds which is very close to the location of the mattar kulcha wala. We then decided to draw solutions to these problems and help him increase his sales and hence profit.


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