Problem Areas

There were a lot of problem areas on which everyone in the group was working on. There were 5 problems in total:-

  • Shelter
  • Wagon
  • Promotion
  • Serving
  • Serving area

I was working on the reorganization of the wagon. I observed that there were a lot of products used while making Chole Kulche which were not organized properly. This made the process slow, complicated and unhygienic as well. The work space was clustered and there was less eating space and hence crowded. I thought of many ideas to solve the problems. I sketched shelves, containers and used partition to resolve the problems.


CONTAINERS                                                                      These are the containers that I designed to store the frequently used  food products. The container would be rounded from the bottom so that the food ingredient is easy to scoop out and it is easy to clean the container as well.


PARTITION                                                                     These partitions could have been created on the work space since it was clustered. Making these partitions would make it easy to work. 


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