The Interviews

Taking interviews of people was a difficult party as not many people wanted to give it. There were many people who ate chole Kulche on a daily basis from the chosen wagon. These daily customers were the first to give the interview, and it helped us a lot. The daily customers see the place every day and know what problems the wagon owner faces and what all are the places where the wagon owner and the workers lack. The questions asked in the interviews were:-

Q1) what is your name?

Q2) where do you live?

Q3) where do you work?

Q4) Have you visited this wagon earlier?

Q5) on a scale of 1-10, rate the taste of food?

Q6) What are the problems you face while eating Chole Kulche here?

Q7) If you were to improve this place, what would you do?

The answers of the people helped us to work on a lot things and we knew what all areas we had to be improved. Most people had a problem with the hygiene in the area. There area around the wagon was unhygienic and the dustbin provided either full or dirty. The rating on the taste of the chole kulche was varied. Some gave the taste 9/10 while most gave 5/10. People told that the workers should wear glove and cover their head and many said there was a lack of seating space.

We were clear on what all areas we had to work after the interviews and all the problems were solved in our final outcome.


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