Design Solution

After figuring out the problem we thought of a solution that is redesigning the wagon that will lead him to

Increase in Efficiency
Less wastage of time in Assembly/De-assembly
More portability
Cost reduction in Packaging

My design solution was to create a new wagon from scratch in a form of a 3D Model.

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Finding the Problem…

As our opportunity area, the Mattar Kulchey valla is a low scale business. Finding a design solution isn’t difficult at all. While we were exploring the other Mattar Kulchey valla¬†in the area we found out few common problems that every Mattar Kulchey value in the area faces. That is Hygiene.

Not only Hygiene but few other problems like no permanent space. We also observed that the Kulchas are being supplied by a bakery in Raghubir Nagar in Naraina Vihar to the Mattar Kulcha Vallas.

Problems that the Mattar Kulcha valla faces are:
Low Efficiency
Time in Assembly/De-assembly
Lack of Portability
Also the files attached are the photos of Mattar Kulcha valla’s current setup and space coverage area.