Problem Areas

There were a lot of problem areas on which everyone in the group was working on. There were 5 problems in total:-

  • Shelter
  • Wagon
  • Promotion
  • Serving
  • Serving area

I was working on the reorganization of the wagon. I observed that there were a lot of products used while making Chole Kulche which were not organized properly. This made the process slow, complicated and unhygienic as well. The work space was clustered and there was less eating space and hence crowded. I thought of many ideas to solve the problems. I sketched shelves, containers and used partition to resolve the problems.


CONTAINERS                                                                      These are the containers that I designed to store the frequently used  food products. The container would be rounded from the bottom so that the food ingredient is easy to scoop out and it is easy to clean the container as well.


PARTITION                                                                     These partitions could have been created on the work space since it was clustered. Making these partitions would make it easy to work. 


The Interviews

Taking interviews of people was a difficult party as not many people wanted to give it. There were many people who ate chole Kulche on a daily basis from the chosen wagon. These daily customers were the first to give the interview, and it helped us a lot. The daily customers see the place every day and know what problems the wagon owner faces and what all are the places where the wagon owner and the workers lack. The questions asked in the interviews were:-

Q1) what is your name?

Q2) where do you live?

Q3) where do you work?

Q4) Have you visited this wagon earlier?

Q5) on a scale of 1-10, rate the taste of food?

Q6) What are the problems you face while eating Chole Kulche here?

Q7) If you were to improve this place, what would you do?

The answers of the people helped us to work on a lot things and we knew what all areas we had to be improved. Most people had a problem with the hygiene in the area. There area around the wagon was unhygienic and the dustbin provided either full or dirty. The rating on the taste of the chole kulche was varied. Some gave the taste 9/10 while most gave 5/10. People told that the workers should wear glove and cover their head and many said there was a lack of seating space.

We were clear on what all areas we had to work after the interviews and all the problems were solved in our final outcome.

The Competition





Some people in my group were working on people, society and culture while some were working on seller, customers, passerby and neighbours. We collectively compared the different Chole Kulche sellers in the area so that we could get to know the other technologies used by the Chole Kulche sellers and improve our chosen wagon. When we went to the other chole kulche seller in the Naraina market we didn’t see much crowd there. The wagon was placed in the corner on a street and there was a big generator beside it which made the place noisy and harmful because of the fumes that the generator emitted. The wagon owner was hesitant to answer our questions and we were not allowed to take the pictures of it. The owner said he was the relative of the wagon owner which we had chosen and he told us about the other wagon in Naraina which was owned by his eldest brother. The wagon owned by the eldest brother was placed outside a colony under a tree. The wagon looked more organised and hygienic. The workers were wearing gloves and served chole kulche in better and stronger containers. The spoons used were better than the other two wagons but the taste was same. But the price of the Chole Kulche was more in this wagon. The customers were also different. The owner didn’t want to give any interview as many other people from the college had taken his interview. Finally, we returned to the chosen wagon and we had a clear view on what all we had to improve and work on.


While I was working on the Chole Kulche wala I noticed the surroundings and the people in the Naraina market. I tried to notice the postures of the people doing different activities. I made some stick figures and sketched some of the faces I saw near the wagon.

Design Parameters

The parameters on which I was working in this module was Ambience in Visual Culture. I sketched the wagon from different angles. The sketches also show the workers doing different activities and the customers who came to eat Chole Kulche.


My Experience in the First Week of Module 5

In this module we were asked to explore a commercial place in a market. There was a lot of confusion in choosing a market which was had to be small as well as safe. First we had chosen Lajpat Nagar as our market but the idea was dropped as it was a big market. Finally, we chose Naraina market nearby our college. There were a lot of commercial setups which could be explored, we chose a printing press. The idea was loved by the faculty but there were a lot of problems that we faced. The owner was unwilling to share his cash flow and income, which could have been a problem for our group. We had to drop the idea as the other group started working on the same printing press. We finally chose a Chole Kulche wala in the parking lot as our topic for this module. The owner was extremely hesitant to give interviews and tell about his income. He thought that we were from a news channel. We spent a lot of time on his shop asking questions from him and talking to his customers. As we were asked to compare different people selling chole kucha around the area, we came to know that they were all relatives. We compared the taste, service, price and even the spoons and plates used. I think choosing the chole kulche wala was a delightful idea for our group. We were able to extract comprehensive and extensive information from the chosen micro system.