Mattar Kulchas – Why Not?

It has been seen, that some people do not really like to eat the spicy, scrumptious treat offered by this mattar kulcha wala. We tried to study each and every case and figure out, why wouldn’t people eat something that we thought was delicious. We talked to people who regularly crossed the mattar kulcha wala but decided to not eat it, first. A few of them had had them, but preferred other street food for reasons like – hygiene, the food being too spicy, no place to sit, uncomfortable paper plates, distrust on the quality used, other preferences over mattar kulchas and some were simply bored of it. Post-surveys, we found out that everyone who wouldn’t eat them, enlisted the same reasons. Also a few people suggested that it wasn’t very reasonable and they could buy something more hygienic and tastier from the mc Donalds which is very close to the location of the mattar kulcha wala. We then decided to draw solutions to these problems and help him increase his sales and hence profit.


Unchanged reality of a changing world

The banned BBC documentary film based on the Nirbhaya rape case

After watching the documentary  I realised that we have failed. We all failed! Each one of us! We thought it would be enough to sentence the culprits and eventually their deaths would send a message to other potential menaces and teach them a lesson. Well, maybe….to an extent it will, hopefully. But isn’t this a sad day? Knowing that even the fear of their deaths didn’t alter the outlook of these men. I’ve started to believe that nothing can change the mentalities of these victims of social sickness, not such ghastly cases, documentary films, strict counselling, nothing!  And am I the one to blame for that? The convalescents remain victims of their sickness even after all the efforts ; Why? Is it because of the absence of education? Well, it certainly does not seem to be the case in here given that a few educated people (in the documentary, e.g.) spoke about how it’s typical to objectify women and how misogyny is a routine we are living with and have no intention to get rid of it. What else could we blame? Their upbringing? Their society? We all form their society and yes, we are the ones to be blamed. They have risen from our nation and even after all the penalties & punishments thrown their way, there does not seem to be any form of impact in their flawed mindsets. So how will there be betterment? Either we figure out a way and make them(and all the other carriers of similar outlook) think in the right direction, or hang them all. Unfortunately, they’re so many in number that we choose to settle and live with the tumour. Even if it is adversely affecting the nation, us, our homes, our children, our culture, we choose to live with it. It’s nothing less than a sham. This country will probably stay this way, because of us; let’s take the responsibility. And how do we help our society? Do we need such documentaries to make our sick fellows realise their sickness?  Well, they would only agree with the one’s we rebel against. We need a revolution, a revolution of thoughts, that of vision, for each one of us. Candlelight vigils and documentary films unfortunately, do not make a revolution. These episodes will lead to nothing, but a few living patterns disturbed for a little while; whenever something like this happens and then again, back to normal. We have developed a habit. These departed souls, sing their sad stories, they were murdered, they were raped, their bodies, their souls and the cacophonic sound waves, vibrate in our society for a little while, a little longer maybe leaving us all the same,at the end of the day. Just as we were, in the chasm of this patriarchal society where a woman is just a flower, meant to look pretty, for decorations preferably in the temples or the kitchens.


You only live once – so eat out of your comfort zone – Anthony Bordain

To get onto our new assignment, we visited Naraina vihar and tried to spot something that could be interesting for us to work upon, and as food- lovers, we all decided to work on some food outlet. Working on any running food chain would be cliché and monotonous, so we decided to work on the Mattar Kulcha wala, located in the pvr complex, Naraina vihar as he served some good varieties of Mattar Kulchas, and the kind of lifestyle he had, would be different from that we have, and thus would be very interesting. We started by eating mattar kulchas and found out that it was ambrosial and pretty reasonable. Therefore, we decided to commit to this Mattar Kulcha stall.

We noticed that there were a lot of regular customers; Post work one feels ravenous, hence people working around the place fancy this snack. It also serves as a refreshment for students, labour class and people who frequently visit pvr complex, as it is reasonably priced (i.e. INR 30-40). We further investigated that, the vendor uses ‘Amul’ butter, hence good quality, the lack of hygiene, however remains an issue though, which is common, when street foods are judged. We are further working on the problems and public response of this small scale business.