What makes us different 

One question which make every individual to stand out is what makes him/her different? 

If you have an answer to that which people can buy , you stand out

Answer of this question is given by Veeru’s hand . 

The way he spice his matar up is what makes him different .

When I started to skech the falling spices

This is that I came up with  

And the way it looses it’s personal identity in the bowl of matar . 





Staring eyes…

The whole process of finding a design problem in an area and try to give a relevant design solution to it, has been a fun ride. But one thing which made everyone of us conscious when we were around that Chole kulcha wala were the staring eyes.

People trying to figure out what is that a bunch of students doing near a handcart with cameras and skechbooks in their hands.


In this artwork I wanted to show how everyone keep staring for their plate of kulchas , when will the guy put matar and kulchas in a plate and when can they enjoy the spicy, tasty combination of two enter their mouth and they can enjoy the range of flavours a plate is ready to offer .

Verru yahan hai, Basanti kahan hai….


Promotion of a business is never bad.

Looking at the customers, we decided to work on a theme which will connect everyone. Bollywood is what connects every Indian in one thread .

Bollywood and Veeru (the guy who owns the handcart), two names which can be put together by any Indian.

Simple formula

Bollywood + Veeru = sholay 

Sholay can promote, choley’s  brother matar and his partner kulche .

Many Faces for one 

Sitting next to the matar kulche wala’s stall, I kept on observing . Most of it was same. Same menu with two variations of kulche, same Veeru (the guy who owns the handcart) filling same steps every time . 

What kept changing were the customers. It doesn’t matter what race are you from or what background you come from, if you have money to buy the kulchas, you are Veeru’s customer as every other guy buying kulchas from his cart.


This is how I see them.

 “Many faces for one”, all ready and eager for their plate of MATAR KULCHAS .