We all started to find out the problem, which mattar kulche vala and customers face throughout the day.

There were several problems :-

1) Shelter

2) Wagon

3) Promotion

4) Serving

5) Less Eating space

I was working on the reorganization of eating space. I found that there was not much eating space for customer , that’s why in the peak hours of the shop that place became crowed .

So workers could not serve well to many customers at one time due to shortage of space. Also I observed that mattar kulche vala face one more problem that was hygiene.


Research and the questionnaire used in the interview

While we were doing our research, we took interviews and the questions asked in the interview were :-

Q1) What is your name?

Q2) Where do you live?

Q3) Where do you work?

Q4) Have you visited this wagon earlier?

Q5) On a scale of 1-10, rate the taste of food?

Q6) What are the problems you face while eating Mattar Kulche here?

Q7) If you were to improve this place, What would you do?

The answers of the people helped us to work on a lot things and we knew what all areas we had to be improved. Most people had a problem with the hygiene in the area. There area around the wagon was unhygienic and the dustbin provided either full or dirty. The rating on the taste of the Mattar Kulche was varied. Some gave the taste 9/10 while most gave 5/10. People told that the workers should wear glove and cover their head and many said there was a lack of seating space/eating space.We were clear on what all areas we had to work after the interviews and all the problems were solved in our final outcome.

First Site Visit

For the new assignment, we visited to the Naraina Vihar market nearby our college. We selected to work on printing press but somehow we left that topic and started looking forward for the new topic to choose.
Finally, we all decided to work on the Mattar Kulche wagon in the parking lot of the market.

A sketch of the Mattar Kulchey Wagon